Counter Intelligence Merchandising Technology

Counter Intelligence is not only a merchandising Company but is also a communication company.  Communication is paramount and any issues at the retail level, whether positive or negative, must be reported back to the client real time or there is no real value to the service.

And how does Counter Intelligence leverage the power of up-to-date communication? Through our innovative technology. Continue reading “Counter Intelligence Merchandising Technology”

Counter Intelligence Proudly Participates In The Ride To Conquer Cancer

The Ride to Conquer Cancer has become a focal point in my life and continues to be something I look forward to every year. This June will be my 6th year participating in the ride. Each year the ride becomes a more emotional experience!

Having been through 3 treatments of chemotherapy over the past 10 years I am compelled to ride. It is a way for me to give back. Continue reading “Counter Intelligence Proudly Participates In The Ride To Conquer Cancer”