4 Ways Retail Services Can Improve Sales

A retail merchandising company is essential for increasing any company’s sales potential. Here are just a handful of the ways merchandising services can help affect your bottom line.

Meet Demand of Consumers: One of the most beneficial retail services is inventory control. By having a Counter Intelligence monitor and control your inventory, you can meet consumer demand more efficiently and increase sales. When a company has too much inventory or not enough, they often lose sales and long term customer loyalty. Retail services can offer you planograms, markdowns or price changes that are administered through flexible inventory control technology. This will also allow you to make decisions on how to market your product more effectively to improve sales.
Educate Staff: Retail services like Counter Intelligence can provide you with expert merchandisers who are able to educate staff on the retail floor. Merchandisers understand what products are in high demand and can teach staff about positioning products to increase sales. Having experienced merchandisers teach staff about your product(s) will not only boost employee morale and confidence, but it will result in more efficient and effective product sales. When your customers are more educated on what they buy, they are more likely to return and refer others to your product.
Customer Satisfaction: Customers always appreciate a well-educated staff member, and a clean and inviting environment to shop in. However, it is difficult to attend to all of these small details that aid in consumer satisfaction. Counter Intelligence top priority is to always have your store looking presentable and welcoming and providing your staff with accurate and up to date information.
Store Set Ups and Resets: With consumer’s demands always changing, companies are constantly trying to keep up and be the first to offer consumers the newest and latest trends. However, if your company doesn’t have the manpower to set up attractive displays quickly then consumers want to know that you carry their desired products. This is why retail services are so effective in increasing your bottom line. Counter Intelligence has flexible teams who are able to go into your store and move shelves and product according to new layouts and planograms overnight.
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Why Do I Need Retail Merchandising?

If you are a vendor whose products routinely end up on a retail sales floor to be sold to the public, you MUST know they are being represented in a way that’s going to maximize your sales.  At the end of the day, your bottom line is always about sales, and if the merchandising of your company’s products isn’t carried out properly those sales will suffer – sometimes dramatically.

What Is Retail Merchandising?

In basic terms, retail merchandising refers to the different actions and strategies that take place in a retail environment to sell products to your potential customers.  The goal of retail merchandising is to generate interest, attract attention and take that customer by the hand and lead him or her to making a purchase.

You might have the best product on the market at the best price, but without proper merchandising, your sales are compromised. When executed well, retail merchandising is the best salesperson you have, because you are using the physical space in a retail store to sell.  The customers never feel pressured to buy anything, yet they simply can’t resist.

Important Elements

Retail merchandising certainly includes more than just one or two different elements, and they must be orchestrated in such a way that they speak to your target market. A retail merchandising company like Counter Intelligence can help you put together the right merchandising strategy to optimize your product’s sales.

Some of the important elements of your strategy include:

  • Execution of an Overall Plan
  • Inventory Control
  • Configuration of Displays
  • Placement of Merchandise
  • Placements of Signage & Graphics

Why You Need Experts

The reason you need experts in control of your merchandising is because you are losing sales if you don’t. You may have of those life-changing products that only come along once in a long while and it may be priced to sell, but if it isn’t merchandised to reflect its benefits, it just isn’t going to sell to its potential. Counter Intelligence can help put your product in the spotlight through proper merchandising and placement on the retail selling floor. Contact us today for all of your merchandising needs!