4 Ways Retail Services Can Improve Sales

A retail merchandising company is essential for increasing any company’s sales potential. Here are just a handful of the ways merchandising services can help affect your bottom line.

Meet Demand of Consumers: One of the most beneficial retail services is inventory control. By having a Counter Intelligence monitor and control your inventory, you can meet consumer demand more efficiently and increase sales. When a company has too much inventory or not enough, they often lose sales and long term customer loyalty. Retail services can offer you planograms, markdowns or price changes that are administered through flexible inventory control technology. This will also allow you to make decisions on how to market your product more effectively to improve sales.
Educate Staff: Retail services like Counter Intelligence can provide you with expert merchandisers who are able to educate staff on the retail floor. Merchandisers understand what products are in high demand and can teach staff about positioning products to increase sales. Having experienced merchandisers teach staff about your product(s) will not only boost employee morale and confidence, but it will result in more efficient and effective product sales. When your customers are more educated on what they buy, they are more likely to return and refer others to your product.
Customer Satisfaction: Customers always appreciate a well-educated staff member, and a clean and inviting environment to shop in. However, it is difficult to attend to all of these small details that aid in consumer satisfaction. Counter Intelligence top priority is to always have your store looking presentable and welcoming and providing your staff with accurate and up to date information.
Store Set Ups and Resets: With consumer’s demands always changing, companies are constantly trying to keep up and be the first to offer consumers the newest and latest trends. However, if your company doesn’t have the manpower to set up attractive displays quickly then consumers want to know that you carry their desired products. This is why retail services are so effective in increasing your bottom line. Counter Intelligence has flexible teams who are able to go into your store and move shelves and product according to new layouts and planograms overnight.
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Product Execution: The Key to Success for Any Merchandising Program

Ask any merchandising professional, and they will tell you that the key to a successful display is how quickly and frequently the product makes it out onto the sales floor. Retailer compliance is probably the biggest obstacle to maximizing your return on investment.

Interestingly, one recent study found that unit sales rose 29 percent and dollar sales rose almost 30 percent when an efficient merchandising program is used to ensure product is always stocked and ready for sale. That is convincing evidence to suggest that an investment in executing consistent product placement is a worthwhile and cost effective endeavor. Continue reading “Product Execution: The Key to Success for Any Merchandising Program”

Report Traiting From Counter Intelligence

For 2013, Counter Intelligence will introduce Report Traiting. Counter Intelligence will have the ability to customize our client’s reports to be store specific for each merchandising program.

With Report Traiting, our merchandisers can provide a more efficient and effective service. Our traiting system allows us to track product movements and inventory turnover so that you can allocate shelf space to meet the demands of your customers in each individual store. Custom Report Traiting will help you make decisions about how best to merchandise your product. Continue reading “Report Traiting From Counter Intelligence”

Counter Intelligence Merchandising Technology

Counter Intelligence is not only a merchandising Company but is also a communication company.  Communication is paramount and any issues at the retail level, whether positive or negative, must be reported back to the client real time or there is no real value to the service.

And how does Counter Intelligence leverage the power of up-to-date communication? Through our innovative technology. Continue reading “Counter Intelligence Merchandising Technology”

Counter Intelligence Proudly Participates In The Ride To Conquer Cancer

The Ride to Conquer Cancer has become a focal point in my life and continues to be something I look forward to every year. This June will be my 6th year participating in the ride. Each year the ride becomes a more emotional experience!

Having been through 3 treatments of chemotherapy over the past 10 years I am compelled to ride. It is a way for me to give back. Continue reading “Counter Intelligence Proudly Participates In The Ride To Conquer Cancer”

5 Issues That Could Be Affecting Your Sales on the Retail Floor

When it comes to retail sales in any industry, the merchandising company you’ve hired is a crucial factor to ensure your products are well represented on the sales floor.  Basically, if your business doesn’t have a sound merchandising system in place, you are leaving potential sales out on the floor, day after day after day.

Most retailers and vendors fail to execute a merchandising in a way that will consistently drive sales.  This is where Counter Intelligence has expertise. Counter Intelligence can help vendors customize a service program to not only maximize sales but will also help them meet their budget requirements. Continue reading “5 Issues That Could Be Affecting Your Sales on the Retail Floor”