The Role of Technology in Merchandising Services

Technology plays a crucial role in merchandising. Two of the most important ways in which technology can increase the success of small business merchandising is by keeping track of product information with a Unified Merchandising Experience (UME), and taking photos of the design layout for the interior and/or exterior. Counter Intelligence uses these technological sources to ensure your small business is running smoothly! We want you to be in complete control, and to be informed of all aspects of your business.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is the records of all product stock. Keeping track of inventory is an important role in keeping organization of your products. Our UME is an interface that allows you to access your product information at any time. At Counter Intelligence, we equip all of our merchandisers with a portable tablet, which allows them to update information about your merchandising plan on the go.

UME is essentially a data collection, management and reporting tool allowing the client the ability to view their merchandising services information in complete detail. UME is an easy-to-navigate dashboard, which displays the information graphically. It reports any issues affecting sales, where positive or negative, as well as sales inventory. This interface is extremely advanced, allowing you to track where merchandise is located in retail stores, and which stores are in need of more products.

Everything you need is reported right away. We take pride in being one of the most accurate and communicative merchandising companies in Canada.


Photographs are taken by our merchandising team to track any changes done to the interior or exterior layout, overall design of the store, product layout, sign displays or promotional event information. Photographs are an easy way of visualizing and strategizing how and where products should be located. Keeping track of how and why products and signs are laid out they way they are helps the client to relate back to sales information.

Successful product placement relates to successful sales. For example, if a certain product is not selling well, perhaps there needs to be an adjustment to where that product is being located in the store. Therefore, it is important to see a visualization of how product is placed in the store because it is directly related to how well that product is selling. Photographs are also physical evidence of product placement. It helps you keep track at all times of where your products are located in stores.

At Counter Intelligence, we believe that technology is a key part of any merchandising campaign. The technology we use allows our merchandisers and our clients to get on the same page about your product information and overall merchandising plan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can use our technology to make your merchandising efforts more effective.

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