Technology, Service & Communication: How Counter Intelligence Can Help Sell Your Products

You may not know this, but how you display the merchandise in your store has a lot to do with how much you sell. It’s not just about having quality products, but how you show your consumers this quality.

Many consumers say that despite the great prices, they hate looking through big department stores because there is so much to look through and sometimes it’s just overwhelming. These consumers appreciate a well-merchandised store and are attracted to great displays. Your merchandising campaign should draw them in. ¬†They may see a purse that they did intend on buying but as it sits next to the well-dressed mannequin they begin to visualize themselves having it. It is this strategic merchandising intelligence that can turn a non-buyer into a quick spender. Continue reading “Technology, Service & Communication: How Counter Intelligence Can Help Sell Your Products”

If it is Not on the Shelf, There Are NO Sales!

There is definite truth in the old adage: if it is not on the shelf, there are no sales. This simple statement is a universal truth of retailing, and yet the issue of out-of-stocks (OOS) continues to plague manufacturers and retailers alike.

There are many reasons for the problem of out-of-stock products: Continue reading “If it is Not on the Shelf, There Are NO Sales!”

Report Traiting From Counter Intelligence

For 2013, Counter Intelligence will introduce Report Traiting. Counter Intelligence will have the ability to customize our client’s reports to be store specific for each merchandising program.

With Report Traiting, our merchandisers can provide a more efficient and effective service. Our traiting system allows us to track product movements and inventory turnover so that you can allocate shelf space to meet the demands of your customers in each individual store. Custom Report Traiting will help you make decisions about how best to merchandise your product. Continue reading “Report Traiting From Counter Intelligence”

Counter Intelligence Merchandising Technology

Counter Intelligence is not only a merchandising Company but is also a communication company.  Communication is paramount and any issues at the retail level, whether positive or negative, must be reported back to the client real time or there is no real value to the service.

And how does Counter Intelligence leverage the power of up-to-date communication? Through our innovative technology. Continue reading “Counter Intelligence Merchandising Technology”