Why You Need Retail Merchandising Services for New Product Launches

New products are the lifeblood of any brand’s success. Did you know that 22 percent of consumers are out there looking for new products to try? You’ve got to make your product visible to them. Retail merchandising professionals such as Counter Intelligence Merchandising Inc. know the kind of odds that your company’s new products are …

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What is a Planogram?

There is a lot of planning involved in setting up new merchandise in stores. Companies not only develop products and market them, but also spend time ensuring their products are properly displayed on the retail floor. This is where a planogram comes into play. Planograms are like a tool for visual merchandising.  It is important …

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Visual merchandising Part 3

Shun Yin Lam (2001) found out that the effects of store environment on emotions, cognition and shopping behaviors differ across countries owing to differences in culture and adaptation level of environmental stimuli, and the effects of store environment on service quality assessment and shopping behaviors vary with consumers’ shopping experience with a store. It’s imperative …

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Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising’s (VM) reach is expanding whereas it’s not just limited to more conventional and traditional ways followed by merchandisers for decades. It’s a false conception that it’s only limited to fashion and clothing stores. Visual merchandising encircles everything from the façade of the store to how the products are displayed within the retail space, …

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Retail Tips

SIMPLICITY, SIGNAGE, SORTING: SIGNS OF SOARING SUCCESS Retailers have been scratching their brains for ages on this most fundamental of questions: What makes the most impact on our sales and customers? The way a customer interacts with your products in-store obviously means a lot in how this interaction will yield and convert into a sale. …

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Importance of Merchandising

Marketing, rent, inventory, utilities, staffing, etc. are ‘serious’ expenses, while merchandising and display are ‘frills’. You couldn’t be more wrong! There are more choices out there for consumers than ever before. In this cut-throat environment, how will you grab your share of customer attention? Well, you’ve secured that highly sought, competitive location with the most …

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