Conquering Cancer, One Breakthrough At a Time!


In a few months, it will be my 16th year participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer!

Your support over the past years has been amazing and by donating you have accelerated the pace of innovation, which has a direct impact on Cancer Patients.

Every day more than 600 people in Canada are diagnosed with Cancer and more than 200 die from the disease – making Cancer Canada’s leading cause of death! With our aging population Cancer cases are expected to increase by 40%.

Princess Margaret Hospital is revolutionizing the way we treat Cancer:

  • Early detection- developed a blood test to detect and classify Cancer at its earliest stage.
  • Cancer without Chemo – PMH is moving toward minimally invasive procedures and high precision therapies that target cancerous cells, while sparing the healthy ones.
  • Digital Health Intelligence & AI – applying AI and machine learning methods, to improve Cancer knowledge and care.
  • Cancer Patient Experience – Caring for the whole person, and not just the disease.

Being diagnosed with Cancer is you go from your best time of your life to a nightmare. By supporting Princess Margaret Hospital, you are fueling unique and world class research. PMH is making real progress toward Conquering Cancer,


The funds raised through the Ride To Conquer Cancer today lead to ideas that are tomorrow’s breakthroughs!! PLEASE donate to my RIDE!

I thank you in advance for your generosity,

All my best,




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