What Role does Merchandising Technologies play in a Retailer's Strategies

August 20, 2020

With the rise of digital marketing and online business platforms, the brick and mortar businesses and practices are changing. One should not be surprised to know that many businesses have shut down the operations of the stores that don’t give them lucrative or desirable revenues. Merchandising has changed as well; now, every merchandiser is going digital friendly and opting for digital ways to increase productivity and results. Merchandising technologies are necessary for the development of merchandising businesses these days. It is significant to understand why these technologies are important and what benefits they can bring in for merchandisers.

Successful retail business strategies

July 24, 2020

Not many know about this fact that a retail store is not for everyone. Sounds strange, right? The fact is, the seasoned and experienced retailer has the absolute idea of who their customers are and why they are hopping with them. The focus on your target customer is very essential. You need to know what your customer wants; and at times, whatnot. So, the most important strategy is to know who your customer is, and that is not easy to find out. If you own a computer accessories store then your target customer is the one who will buy a laptop, mouse, headphones and other accessories from you and not the one who will visit to only buy one item from you and the rest from other stores.

Merchandising Display Ideas for a Retail Store

June 24, 2020

One of the key elements to increase the sales of a retail store is visual merchandising. It involves the art of creating appalling visual displays to entice the customer and convince him to buy the product. Strong visual merchandising plays a huge role in improving the customer experience of your store. To get a potential customer, it is important to capture his attention, awaken his senses and immerse him in an astonishing shopping experience that builds affection and trust with the brand.

What is Visual Merchandising in a Retail Store?

June 6, 2020

Have you seen a dummy dressed exquisitely at a store? If so, then you might be surprised to know that it’s a marketing strategy known as visual merchandising. This unique way of displaying the clothes in retail stores helps in building a perfectly vivid image in the audience’s mind, which ultimately evokes a sense of desire and interest regarding the product being sold. This three-dimensional display strategy aims to maximize sales.

After Effects Of The COVID 19

May 20, 2020

COVID 19 has affected not only businesses but has also impacted the buying and shopping behavior of the target market. After pandemic will be over, we will be exposed to a much different world, as compared to prior to the pandemic. Businesses are facing challenges and this is because of the alteration in the economic and partnership landscape.