How to Increase Sales with Merchandising

Visual merchandising is one of the most important factors that can help a business generate desirable revenue. Those who fail to understand its effectiveness in …

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Visual merchandising Part 3

Shun Yin Lam (2001) found out that the effects of store environment on emotions, cognition and shopping behaviors differ across countries owing to differences in …

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Visual Merchandising Part 2

(This is part 2. Part 3 next month) In the first part of our merchandising series we had created a preface to how you could …

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Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising’s (VM) reach is expanding whereas it’s not just limited to more conventional and traditional ways followed by merchandisers for decades. It’s a false …

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Retail Tips

SIMPLICITY, SIGNAGE, SORTING: SIGNS OF SOARING SUCCESS Retailers have been scratching their brains for ages on this most fundamental of questions: What makes the most …

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Importance of Merchandising

Marketing, rent, inventory, utilities, staffing, etc. are ‘serious’ expenses, while merchandising and display are ‘frills’. You couldn’t be more wrong! There are more choices out …

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