Communication is “Paramount” and we leverage it through our Technology

With our CIRS “Live” reporting Our technology powers the Retail Intelligence you need to drive your business. This is not a one-way street; the results of every service come full circle so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your product nationwide. We are constantly in communication with our clients providing detailed information on issues in “real time”. If issues are only reported after the service then there is “NO VALUE” to your service.

  • Our proprietary CIRS Live software allows you to access your service information 24/7.
  • As soon as the merchandiser uploads their reports the service information is “Live”.
  • With “Hyperlinked” photos, cumulative and executive summaries you can effectively manage critical issues that are affecting sales.
  • You will have a dedicated Account Manager who is your conduit with our field team an they will be reviewing and analyzing your service data as it is streaming in.
  • Data Integrity Services – with Smart Phone technology our proprietary “Scanning APP” turns the cell phone into a “Bar-Code” scanner providing you with instant, accurate on- hand inventory.
  • On-line video and in-field training prepares our field with the pertinent information required for effective and efficient services.

  • What does a successful service boil down to? It is the combination of having your unique service accurately executed AND how the results are communicated to you. We call it ˜Retail Intelligence™ and communication, both to you and the field team, is the key at the beginning, during execution and upon completion of each service.

    Every client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will partner with you to create a merchandising service to meet your needs. Your service criteria and detailed information are communicated to our field through our proprietary, secure, in-house UME communication system. Using their tablets, our merchandisers have at their fingertips all the information needed to ensure your project is successful.

    And what happens if there is an unexpected challenge during your service? We react in real time! Your account manager will communicate the challenge to you and suggest possible solutions. Wherever possible we work with you to develop a strategy that can be implemented while the service is still running making effective use or your servicing spend.

    Upon completion of the service run, your account manager will prepare a service summary report and our secure UME web portal communicates directly with you to let you know reports are waiting for you. Our clients tell us our reporting is the best in the business! All the Retail Intelligence you need to propel your business forward is on one easy to use document. 

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