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Retail Intelligence

What is Retail Intelligence? Retail Intelligence is a group of software and programs specifically focused on the management and creation of reliable knowledge through the …

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What is Artificial Intelligence in Retail and how can it benefit businesses?

AI in Retail Many retail organizations are looking for new ways to improve customer service and are researching the use of technology and computers in …

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The challenges of COVID-19 continue, but cancer remains the leading cause of death in Canada and funds for research are as critical as ever. Being …

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On April 23, 1996 Counter Intelligence Merchandising was launched!

Twenty-five years ago, our business humbly began out of our home’s basement with only three employees. As of today we have 25 employees with a …

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How to Setup Retail Store Displays – Best Ideas

Retail display setup and visual experience of any store will always be essential in driving attention to customers Research has proven that most of the …

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How to Setup a New Merchandising Store

New store set-ups In any New store set-ups, merchandising refers to a product display in an unique way to have more customers attention than usual …

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