If it is Not on the Shelf, There Are NO Sales!

There is definite truth in the old adage: if it is not on the shelf, there are no sales. This simple statement is a universal truth of retailing, and yet the issue of out-of-stocks (OOS) continues to plague manufacturers and retailers alike.

There are many reasons for the problem of out-of-stock products:

  • Order delays
  • Forecast errors
  • Phantom inventory
  • Inventory reporting inaccuracies

When out of stocks occur, both customers and retailers lose. Customers are dissatisfied and may take their business elsewhere, and retailers lose sales, profits, and potentially customers. This is why it is essential to solve your OOS issues for an effective merchandising plan.

With our sate of the art tablets equipped with peripheral scanners, Counter Intelligence Merchandising can provide services that tackle many of the issues concerning inventory integrity. We highly recommend that our clients invest in maintaining inventory integrity at least 2 times a year. These services can help achieve incremental sales gains of around 10-15 percent per year.

Our state-of-the-art retail merchandising technology allows us to track issues like out-of-stocks that are affecting your sales and prevent them from happening. At Counter Intelligence, we strive to provide the best communication from the retail floor to your company so you can make the right decisions quickly and effectively.

Call us at 800-459-0565 #240. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how Counter Intelligence Merchandising can be an asset to your company.

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