Success of a Planogram

It is common knowledge that the majority of purchase decisions are made instore. This means that consumer buying behaviour is largely dictated by what they see. Visual merchandising through effective planograms is a great way to motivate customers to buy. Whether you’re a retailer or brand, you want to ensure that you are optimizing every area of space allocated for your products and a well thought out planogram can help ensure this.

Creating the perfect planogram takes a delicate balance of organization. Improved sales and better product placement are two very important reasons to consider visual merchandising.

Having a great looking display provides many benefits:

  • Every square foot of space is assigned.
  • It provides much better appeal to consumers
  • It is easier to maintain inventory integrity
  • Easier product replenishment

Success in Planning

  • Each store has different configurations. Ensure that you know the exact specification requirements for each store.
  • Create an easy to read planogram. Make sure that it is in a format that both merchandisers and the retail staff can read and access.
  • Plan the allocation of products carefully. Bestselling SKUs should be placed at the most optimum level, eye level and slower moving SKUs to the bottom.
  • Restocking is as important a task as setting up the planogram. Planning a scheduled maintenance program to maintain integrity is imperative to maximize sales.
  • How is it best to feature your products?  Do you group them together or it could mean featuring SKUs that complement each other.

Merchandising takes some work and the perfect plan can really enhance purchasing behavior and motivate consumers to buy.

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