The Art of Holiday Merchandising: Retail’s Three Ps in Action

The holiday season is upon us, and for retailers, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. With shoppers in a festive mood and ready to spend, retailers must make the most of this opportunity. To ensure a successful holiday season, retailers should focus on the 3 Ps:

By dedicating attention to these three aspects, retailers can provide a customer experience that caters to the needs of shoppers during high-traffic events like holiday shopping. Doing so can help businesses not only make their customers’ experiences more enjoyable around this time of year but also draw in loyal and returning customers long-term throughout the rest of the year.


By 2023, retailers are going to be faced with a cart abandonment rate of over 70%. Common causes for this include lengthy or intricate checkouts, needlessly repeating information, and insufficient payment alternatives. If the checkout experience is streamlined and customers have various methods of payment available, more purchases will conclude successfully.

Offering single-click payment options through Apple Pay, Venmo, Google Pay Amazon, and/or PayPal should help decrease the duration between making an order decision by shoppers and paying; potentially resulting in greater sales overall while lowering cart abandonment rates at the same time.

To help improve your customer experience, you may want to consider implementing a conversion rate optimization strategy. This could involve offering in-store payment options via an app so shoppers don’t have to wait in line for the cashier or self-checkout station. By connecting online and offline shopping experiences, you can provide customers with an enjoyable journey from start to finish.


By employing a tailored approach to customer security and identity, you can ensure customers feel safe when making purchases. This not only boosts satisfaction but also helps retailers stand out from the competition by offering something special that others don’t have.

Digital identity provides essential details about customers that allow marketers to predict their behavior and preferences. This allows companies to make educated guesses on what products they may be interested in, the occasion for which they are shopping, and their values as a consumer. Having this information at the forefront of its marketing strategy allows businesses to personalize each touchpoint with offers or help tailored specifically towards individual consumers; leading to potentially better results later on down the line.


People who shop online may be discouraged by requests that they log in or sign up at any stage in their buying process. This is linked to the problem of leaving items in a cart without completing the purchase; shoppers are more reluctant to go through lengthy and complicated processes.

Passwordless authentication provides a secure, seamless experience for customers with registration and login that eliminates the need for passwords. It is favored by users since it uses their identity to create an account instead of something they have to remember as traditional passwords do. Moreover, this technique offers more protection against phishing attempts than usual methods as well as decreased chances of accounts being hijacked in case of breaches or when suspicious activity appears on them because bad actors won’t be able to prove identity if requested.


Commit to making your payment process easier, more personalized, and without the need for passwords so that customers have a secure shopping experience when they come in-store or shop online during the festive season. Make this a memorable occasion by providing an attractive environment that encourages people to visit again not only at Christmas time but all year round.

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