Counter Intelligence Merchandising Technology

Counter Intelligence is not only a merchandising Company but is also a communication company.  Communication is paramount and any issues at the retail level, whether positive or negative, must be reported back to the client in real-time or there is no real value to the service.

And how does Counter Intelligence leverage the power of up-to-date communication? Through our innovative technology.

Counter Intelligence has outfitted our entire merchandising team with new tablets. With our advanced technology, our clients can have updated information at their fingertips, making key decision making easier, faster, and simpler.

With updated technology Counter Intelligence’s Merchandising team can easily:

  • Provide field-level reporting
  • Provide digital before and after pictures
  • Provide full inventory counts
  • Provide order taking
  • Provide markdowns
  • Provide accurate returns and much more

All of these services are essential to running a successful merchandising campaign, and Counter Intelligence makes it easy for our clients to see any issues that may be affecting their sales. Making decisions about your product merchandising has never been easier when you can see what’s happening as it happens.

Contact Counter Intelligence today for more information about our merchandising technology and how it can be used to improve your merchandising plan. It is our goal to get you the information you need about your products to make your campaign the best it can be.

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