Four Issues that Could be Affecting Your Sales on the Retail Floor

When it comes to retail sales in any industry, the merchandising company you’ve hired is a crucial factor to ensure your products are well represented on the sales floor. Basically, if your business doesn’t have a sound merchandising system in place, you are leaving potential sales out on the floor, day after day after day.
Most retailers and vendors fail to execute a merchandising in a way that will consistently drive sales.  This is where Counter Intelligence has expertise. Counter Intelligence can help vendors customize a service program to not only maximize sales but will also help them meet their budget requirements.

Here are five issues that could be affecting your retail sales that you should really be looking to the experts to solve:

1)  Experience
The old adage no substitute for experience is certainly true in the retail merchandising world.  The benefit of using experts like Counter Intelligence is that we have been there and done that so many times that there really isn’t a situation we haven’t seen before.  Counter Intelligence hires ONLY professional merchandisers. These are people who have many years of experience in merchandising and/or have extensive retail experience and understand the complexities of retail.

Being able to recognize the small details that affect merchandising are crucial. Counter Intelligence merchandisers have extensive merchandising experience in many product categories. They can identify potential problems and easily adapt to unexpected retail conditions.

2) Employee Product Knowledge
The sales staff that roam the retail sales floor are critical for enhancing and driving home the sales message. Of course, they aren’t ultra-knowledgeable about the products they are supposed to be selling – your products. Sales opportunities will dwindle unless you have a trusted merchandising team on your side who knows you and your products well.

Top merchandising firms like Counter Intelligence take the time to educate sales staff on the finer details of each product they are responsible for selling.  In turn, they can pass that information onto customers to complete the sale.

3) Product Placement
One of the primary factors in retail merchandising is product placement on the retail sales floor.  This is where bringing in merchandising specialists will really set you apart from the competition. First and foremost is getting the vendors product out of the stockroom and onto the selling floor. Product cannot sell from the stockroom.

Quite often product has to be re-set even though planograms have been planned. No one anticipated the Clip on each side of the wall and now the whole planogram will be off. What do you do? How do you adapt?

Counter Intelligence merchandisers have the ability to adapt to any merchandising situation and can easily zone a gram your product to best represent it and maintain planogram integrity as best as possible.

4) Inventory Control
It’s important to know what’s overstocked, what’s under stocked, what’s on sale and what’s being marked down at all times, so it is accurately represented not only on the sales floor but also in the retailers inventory system.

Having accurate knowledge of what is on hand is invaluable. With Counter Intelligences technology our field merchandisers have tablets with peripheral scanners. We have the ability to scan your product and provide you with an detailed report of what is on hand, total cost, total retail by UPC code and style number.

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At Counter Intelligence we build both a professional and personal relationship with our clients, their retailers and our merchandisers. This has been the cornerstone of our success and the key to our growth. Quite simply, if you succeed we succeed.

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