A festive window display is one of the most visually impactful ways to draw shoppers to our store and the holidays are the perfect time for creating experiential retail that draws our customers into our store and leaves them walking out with a lasting impression.

It is of utmost importance that we make it possible and convenient for customers coming over to our stores in the holiday season. This is possible only if there are prominent window displays of our products predominantly keeping due consider to customer satisfaction and liking.

1. Inspiration, Brand Building and Recognition

The best thing we can do for our customers is to get them feeling good and getting inspired from the moment they enter our store until they leave (and beyond). We have to be different from our competitors when it comes to window displaying of our commodities in the stores. Special attention n must be paid to nearby retailors and there ought to be something unique in our window stores displaying. For example, using plants in our shop displaying. These not only attract customers towards us but also contribute to creating a beautiful environment attracting more and more customers towards the window display of our stores.

We must use adequate lighting also to have a clear presentation of our products. When customers visit our store or look at our products online, they interact with shapes, colors, the order of products, and many other visuals. The ultimate goal of product merchandising is to get customers to come into our store and make a purchase, but also to have an enjoyable experience and visit our store again.

2. Keeping it cohesive to capitalizing sales

We have to capitalize sales with particular emphasis to making lots of profits. In this context a singular strategy for customer communications is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Retainingnew customers
  • Improvingbrand perception
  • Solidifyingbrand consistency
  • Deepeningengagement and loyalty

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3. Creating a focal point

Most regularly, the item in the center or an item which is closest to us will be our focal point. Another popular method of creating a powerful focal point in our display case is the utilization of lights. Due consideration must therefore be given to the layouts, interior and exterior decorations of our stores giving it a fabulous look whereby giving a very presentable look of our stores.

For an attractive retail display for the customers, it is imperative we go in for everything that will catch eye of the customers pertaining to finding a focal point in our stores. It has to be glamorous and good-looking in order to attract the glance of the customer immediately. Therefore, among others, creation of a focal point in window displaying of products plays a pivotal role in enhancing the outlook of the commodities/products but also making it one of the most memorable moments for the customers also.

4. Considering our customers’ perspective

A prospective customer or prospect is any person or an institution/organization who is overwhelmingly taking keen interest in making purchases of our products.

Customer’s perspective and satisfaction is important because many researches have shown that customer satisfaction has a positive effect on the stores profitability. Due to this, the consequences of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction must be considered. Aiming at customer satisfaction, we need to have trained, helpful and knowledgeable manpower who are competent enough to not only boosting sales of our products but also dealing with customers amicably and also resoling their grievances to the expectations of concerned customers. This adversely has an effect on customer satisfaction and also on the profitability of the products.

5. Being Resourceful

There are huge amounts of possibilities and opportunities around us. We can be resourceful by setting goals, improving ourselves, analyzing every problem before initiating it, learning to maximizing what we have and having a positive attitude and approach for generating a healthy working environment. In stores, colourful paper chains, or natural items like twigs and tree branches are inexpensive items we can incorporate into our window display at very little cost.

6. Product Promotion

Product Promotion through samples, positioning, and grouping complementary products encourage the customer not just to make a larger purchase, but to keep returning to the store as well. Product Promotions are almost always part of a retailer’s sales and marketing mix, and for good reason — they can drive sales and help us move inventory.

In this modern era, different incentives are given to the customer’s giving different incentives by facilitating them with ‘reduction in product prices’, ‘buying one and getting one free’, ‘providing coupons for lucky draws, ‘bonus pack for the purchase of products over and above the fixed amount of shopping by the customer for the products’, ‘free tickets to various site seeing destinations by winning a lucky draw’ and many other consumer promotion types.

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