Why retail store display is important for the holiday season?

The holidays are just around the corner. That means it’s time for retailers to start thinking about their annual holiday marketing. Holiday shopping can be a nightmare for most people. As the holiday season approaches, marketers are tasked with finding ways to reach their target audiences. So what’s the answer? Simple…

Retail Store Display!

One of the most effective methods is through retail store display. To make this happen, it’s important to understand why retail store display is important for the holiday season?

In this article, I’m going to give you a few simple tips that will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to holiday retail store displays.


Why Display Matters in Retail Stores?

The holiday season means consumers are out to shop for special people in their lives. As this time of year approaches, you want to ensure that your store is prepared to attract as many consumers as possible by creating impressive store displays that will stand out compared to other stores. The Holiday season is the most important sale period for retailers so it is imperative not only to attract but to keep the customers and get them to spend more than they expected.

To increase the chances of getting people into your store, you should ensure that your window display is captivating and will catch customer attention right away. It should be attractive enough so that many people stop by to take a closer look at what’s on sale.

When you display your products properly the results can be astounding.


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Importance of Retail Store Displays in Achieving Your Marketing Goals

Retail store displays are an important part of any marketing strategy. Store displays generate awareness for your product or service, which is the first step towards brand recognition and trust. The more people see your brand, the more familiar it will be to them. The more familiar it becomes, the higher chance you’ll stand of making a sale.

Store displays also affect consumers’ purchasing decisions in terms of influencing their purchase intention. For example, if you put up a seasonal decoration like a Christmas tree around your shop during the holiday season, consumers’ positive emotions like happiness and fun-seekingness may increase due to association with that salient cue (Christmas), automatically triggering their intention to buy stocking stuffers. Furthermore, storefront decorations can sway consumers’ preferences towards certain brands.


Retail display affects sales

Today’s shoppers are known to be more affected by the retail display than other factors such as price and promotional sales. Many studies have been done on how store displays affect customers. One study found that consumers judged a product with decorative packaging and retail displays that were well lit and neatly organized as tastier and fresher than those without that treatment.

Another study reported that shoppers spent 80% more when they shopped in stores with pleasing visual merchandising compared to stores lacking it, even though both sets of stores had identical products at similar prices. This proves that retail display affects sales.

A third study discovered that after consumers went inside a mock store where floor space was occupied by attractive retail displays, they were unwilling to wait for their turn in line.

Taken together, these studies all prove that retail displays affect sales. Retailers with strong visual merchandising skills will see higher sales than those without it. This is why many retailers hire experts in retail display to create enticing storefronts and shop windows.


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Retail display affects customer satisfaction

In the holiday season, sales are high and retailers expect full attention from their customers. Retail store display is a factor that can affect the satisfaction of the customer. It’s important to pay attention to retail displays in order to gain a competitive advantage and increase revenue.

The holiday season is here and consumers are looking for the best deals on items they want to purchase. A successful retail store display would attract many customers, which results in high sales. Retail displays not only influence the purchase decision of an individual but also makes them loyal towards that particular brand or store itself. Properly designed retail displays will help retailers gain more ground by maintaining their current customers as well as acquiring new ones.


Retail display affects bottom-line profitability

Many retailers have already launched their holiday marketing campaigns, putting up pointed signs and wrapping the store’s front windows in festive images to attract shoppers. One of the most important elements of a successful retail holiday is effective merchandising – which includes attractive displays, well-chosen product placement, and beautiful window decorations. It has been estimated that products featured in prime locations can see sales increase by as much as 20%. However, it’s not just about getting into the best space from a commercial perspective. The retail display also affects our decision-making process on impulse buys. In fact, what we see has a huge impact on what we buy both online and offline.


Way to improve holiday sales by using retail display

Retailers do everything possible to increase sales during the holidays. They put up bigger trees, more decorations, more sales, and extend the shopping season. They do this because they know the profit margin for most items sold during the holidays is much higher than during the rest of the year. It is very important your advertising reflects this.

What can you do in order to improve your holiday sales? It’s very simple: you have to use the power of retail display! By arranging great-looking store fixtures around your products or creating eye-catching window displays you will grab the attention of more people who walk by your shop or visit it online. Furthermore, you will be able to present your product in the best light, i.e. highlight its main features and advantages that potential customers can see immediately just by looking at the display.


Importance of retail stores to create a strong Holiday Spirit!

Retailers need to be thinking about the holiday season from the first day of November until the last day of January. This is the busiest shopping period of the entire year. Most retailers will tell you they lose more money during this time than any other period. And a large part of that loss is due to poor merchandising. Retailers need to be thinking about their Holiday Spirit!

Retail stores create a “nostalgic” holiday atmosphere by decorating their storefronts, entrances, and show windows with elements of the season.

Retailing companies are finding it important to emphasize the holiday mood in their store displays as consumers are now more likely to do their shopping seasonally rather than throughout the year.

Retailers are also anticipating that holiday sales will have an effect on their bottom line because December’s retail sales are usually 20-30% higher than those during other months.


In light of these results

Retail stores are more than just a place to buy things. They’re places where memories are made, communities form, and the holiday spirit is created! Retail stores are a great way to create an atmosphere of celebration for the holiday season. This is why it’s so important that you have displays set up in your store to celebrate this time of year with customers. Make sure you have the right retail displays for your store that reflect these qualities by using our helpful guide on “How to setup Retail Store displays – Best Ideas” that will help achieve your marketing goals this Holiday season. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Counter Intel!

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