Visual merchandising Part 3

Shun Yin Lam (2001) found out that the effects of store environment on emotions, cognition and shopping behaviors differ across countries owing to differences in culture and adaptation level of environmental stimuli, and the effects of store environment on service quality assessment and shopping behaviors vary with consumers’ shopping experience with a store.

It’s imperative that your store’s physical appearance stays fresh. Some store owners often either neglect to pay that extra bit of attention on how their storefront appears or become too stingy on investing that zing into the exterior. Remember, the storefront is the first bit where your potential customers lay their eyes on and if that’s not attractive then you’re risking the customer not casting a second eye towards your store let alone come and shop inside. So make sure you allocate extra budget to develop your store’s facade and external appearance.

Once you take care of the exterior façade, the next thing you need to ensure is to maintain the good look of your store. The marquees, awnings, signage, banners, entrance, and landscapes are the things and areas you need to consider. One thing that will really set you apart from your other competing stores is the color scheme. You need to make sure that your store is significantly different from others in the high street. You can use significant color or unique carvings and moldings that represent your business.

Damages need repair in stores. It’s a common problem that’s faced by many store owners. Shelves, showcases, racks, and other POS materials should be well maintained. If any of these get damaged, it should be either replaced or at least repaired so that it serves the purposefully well or at least be decorated accordingly so that it doesn’t look frail.

Take a good detailed look at your store walls. Do they need a repaint? If so then do not leave it till late. Repaint those walls. Look at the ceiling and make sure it’s the way it should be. Remove torn stickers and wash the artificial flowers and fabrics on your display.

These are all important bits not only to remember but to be implemented on a regular basis so that your store doesn’t look like a haunted house but on the contrary looks fresh and welcoming.

Until next time when we provide you with more tips and advice on how to keep your store look better, keep your store fresh and your business healthy.

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