Why You Need Retail Merchandising Services for New Product Launches

New products are the lifeblood of any brand’s success. Did you know that 22 percent of consumers are out there looking for new products to try? You’ve got to make your product visible to them.

Retail merchandising professionals such as Counter Intelligence Merchandising Inc. know the kind of odds that your company’s new products are up against in the retail space. Our team has been helping manufacturers and retailers cut-in new products at the retail shelf for more than 20 years.

Companies spend huge amounts of development dollars to bring these new products to market. Ironically, it is the last few feet when bringing the product to the shelf that often times contributes to the overall success or failure of a new product. For a fraction of the cost of the product development, assurances can be put into place to remove this variable. One of those factors is retail merchandising services.

Counter Intelligence Merchandising Inc. can help stack the deck and beat the odds by cutting-in new products on the shelf. Our experts will make sure that any supporting POP or end-cap displays for your new product are on the selling floor within the time frame of a well coordinated launch.

Professionally executed retail merchandising displays have proven to be an effective tool in raising awareness for a new product. Our services assure a consistent roll-out across the country and bring a sales lift and return-on-investment sooner.

To learn more about how retail merchandising services can assist your new product launch, call us at 800-459-0565 #240.

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