What is a Planogram?

There is a lot of planning involved in setting up new merchandise in stores. Companies not only develop products and market them, but also spend time ensuring their products are properly displayed on the retail floor. This is where a planogram comes into play. Planograms are like a tool for visual merchandising.  It is important for companies to ensure their products are being displayed in a way that grabs the consumer’s attention. The planogram will help organizations decide how much product to display, where exactly to display each product and overall decide on what is the most visually appealing set up for potential customers.

By analyzing a planogram prior to placing products in stores and looking at different options, it gives an organization time to see what set up will be most effective. A planogram is a vital step in the planning process before launching any product into a store. Many organizations have a team or appointed individual that is solely responsible for planograms due to the value it adds.

A well-designed planogram will offer many things. It will communicate how to set the merchandise, determine the correct amount of products that should be displayed, maximize the space provided, help with the process of mapping out a store and communicate the brand identity well. At the end of the day you will be able to measure the success of a planogram by high turnover of products and an increase in profits.

Overall, the most important part of using planograms is the impact they end up having on consumers. Your potential customers are greatly impacted by marketing, merchandising and their own personal emotions. Having a planogram executed properly and on time is what Counter Intelligence does best. Please contact us @ 1-800-459-0565 #240 to find out more about our special Set-Up services.

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