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How Retailers are Adapting to the Customer and Technology Trends

Today, customers are very much exposed to what’s new in the market and which retailer is offering the best deals and discounts. For retailers, it has become a challenging task to adapt to the changing needs and demands of the customers. In short, customers are now tech-friendly and rely massively on the technological ease that […]

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What is a Planogram?

There is a lot of planning involved in setting up new merchandise in stores. Companies not only develop products and market them, but also spend time ensuring their products are properly displayed on the retail floor. This is where a planogram comes into play. Planograms are like a tool for visual merchandising.  It is important

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Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising’s (VM) reach is expanding whereas it’s not just limited to more conventional and traditional ways followed by merchandisers for decades. It’s a false conception that it’s only limited to fashion and clothing stores. Visual merchandising encircles everything from the façade of the store to how the products are displayed within the retail space,

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The Role of Technology in Merchandising Services

Technology plays a crucial role in merchandising. Two of the most important ways in which technology can increase the success of small business merchandising is by keeping track of product information with a Unified Merchandising Experience (UME) and taking photos of the design layout for the interior and/or exterior. Counter Intelligence uses these technological sources

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